MGT Cuny Borough of Manhattan Community College Budget Summary Worksheet

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1.Josh Bartel is the senior director of the Pennsylvania field office for New Era Medical, a global company that manufactures medical equipment. He has created a worksheet summarizing the revenue and expenses for the first three quarters of the year. He asks for your help in determining what the Pennsylvania office needs to do to meet its targeted profit goals in the fourth quarter.

Go to the Budget Summary worksheet. Cut the worksheet title from cell I1 and paste it in cell A1 to display the title in its expected location.

2.In cell E2, add the text Number of so that the complete text appears as “Number of salespeople:” and more clearly identifies the value in cell G2.

3.Enter Quarter 2 in cell C4 and Quarter 3 in cell D4.

4.In cell G5, enter a formula without a function that subtracts the target revenue (cell F5) from the year to date revenue (cell E5) to determine how much revenue the field office needs to earn in Quarter 4 to reach its target for the year.

  • Josh wants to calculate the gross margin for Quarters 1–3 and the year to date. Provide this information as follows:
    • In cell B7, enter a formula without a function that divides the gross profit for Quarter 1 (cell B6) by the revenue in Quarter 1 (cell B5).

b.Fill the range C7:E7 with the formula in cell B7 to find the gross margin for Quarters 2 and 3 and for the year to date.

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