BUSI 730 Liberty Strategic Allocation of Financial Resources Discussion

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Submit a thread of at least 500 words examining the relationship between the selected techniques/concepts and strategic allocation of financial resources with respect to capital budgeting decisions. Support your thread by citing at least 3 peer-reviewed journal articles. Your thread must be in current APA format and must include a reference list.

the techniquest/concepts will be taken from Chapter 11.Decision Making with a strategic emphasis concentrating on The five steps of the decision making process. and Chapter 12. Strategy and the analysis of capital investment, concentrating on Identification of Relevant cash flow data for capital expenditure analysis.

The text book is”Cost management: A strategic emphasis, by Edward J. Blocher.

The Reply to two peers (which are attached) should be at least 250 words, citing at least 2 peer reviewed journals articles in APA format and include a reference list.

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