Brand New Ebook Reader Market Product Grid Paper

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You are the Product Manager at a company launching a brand-new eBook
• The features/benefits that you could offer as compared to competition
– Below market pricing due to extremely low manufacturing costs
– Data proving that the screen is “best in class” with best readability/lowest eye
– eBook distribution deals offering comparable content to the market leaders.
– Foldable screen technology that allows the “eBook” to fit in your pocket
• You must launch three (3) separate readers at different price points,
different features & benefits for each, each for a target market segment.
• Defend your pricing strategy (Skimming, penetrating, or market pricing)
for each product, and your target market segment using a
Market/Product Grid (Chapter #9, pages #252, 263, 269 for models)
• Do your Market Research! Use REAL data for the assignment. Be specific.
• Homework is due via Canvas Assignments in by beginning of class on May

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