B 250 RC Performance Management Affect Sectors & Enterprises Essay

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TLD Industries has struggled for years with employee satisfaction and engagement. They survey their employees every year to try to pinpoint the areas that employees are unhappy. But still, none of their changes seem to be making an impact on employee satisfaction. TLD decides to bring in an external consultant, from ‘People First Org’ because the effects that dissatisfaction is having on retention are becoming too great of a financial burden.

As the consultant, your first step is to review the annual engagement survey results and feedback. You quickly realize that the challenge lies with performance management. The employees often cite a lack of clear feedback or goals. The survey results also show subjective reviews and a lack of direction by management. Employees, from the survey, further reveal that they always feel unsure of how they are performing or even think they are performing well, only to feel deflated and demotivated after their annual performance review. Employees also noted that there was a lack of upward mobility in the organization, and do not feel there is manager support for career development or advancement.

Instructions: Create a guide on best practices for performance management for TLD Industries. The guide should be two to three written pages prepared in Microsoft Word. Your guide should include:

  1. Definition of performance management.
  2. Explanation of the purpose of performance management.
  3. Description of the ideal performance management process.
  4. Explanation of the desired outcomes of performance management.
  5. Description of how performance management outcomes are used to evaluate training programs.

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