Purdue University Global Team Problem Solving Procedures Essay

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Read the scenario and then address the checklist items in a thorough manner in a persuasive essay in your
own words.
Scenario: You are the designated team leader in charge of heading a committee to address a problem
concerning the annual holiday festival to be held on December 15th. The town (population 70,000) wants to
have this annual celebration like it does every year. But this year the town is short of funds and the mayor has
asked your 6-member committee (including yourself), to come up with a plan of action for implementation. It is
now September 10th. None of the committee members have ever worked on this celebration and are new to
the town. Two members are retirees and 3 members work full-time in the nearby city and commute by train
every day. Each of the employed members has children of various ages. None of the members know each
Checklist: Based on the scenario:
 Develop a systematic process for solving the group problem that you would recommend to the
team. Explain why this type of approach generally works best.
 Explain how to identify the problem. Explain why it is important to get the discussion question
right, and what are some guidelines for doing so.
 Determine some of the characteristics of problems. Identify some specific techniques or
modifications that you would make to the basic problem-solving process to accommodate the
specific situation.
 Report the tools that can assist with the group problem-solving, including group support systems.
Explain how to use P-MOPS.
Make sure your essay includes the following.
● Introduce your topic.
● Respond to the checklist items in this Assignment and provide support for your responses as
● Provide a conclusion.
● Write your paper in a clear and articulate manner using Standard English.
● Ensure it is well-organized, logical, and unified, and that your work is original and insightful.
● Use APA formatting and citation style for your paper.
● Respond in a 2–3-page paper with a separate title and reference page.
● Provide at least two quality references in addition to the textbook, for a total of at least three.

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