St Thomas University Business Finance Stocks Portfolio Paper

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Please see attached documents and answer
these questions in detail. Please calculate numbers in excel and please mention
how did you get each number and how it is calculated

If the portfolio was equally weighted (20% in all stocks and ETF) what is the
resulting portfolio position (risk and return)? How does the variability of
each stock affect the portfolio? How does this relate to your answer in
question 1 above? How would the portfolio risk and return change if 50% of it
is in SBUX, 20% in SPY, and 10% in each of the remainder securities.

Compute the “beta” for each stock. What does beta measure? (Use SPY as the
measurement of the Market). How does this relate to your previous answers? What
is the portfolio beta (for the equally weighed)? What does it indicate?

attached documents excel and pdf and answer question 2 & 3 and also please
use excel to calculate numbers and formula. Please also mention where each
number coming from and how it is calculated. Only use numbers in word, use
detail calculation in excel and mention where each number is from. Thank you

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