MVCC Website Usability in Small Business Entrepreneurship Discussion

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Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Unit 2: Integrated Marketing and Unit 4: Operating a Small Business Effectively from your course textbook Entrepreneurship: Starting and Operating a Small Business. Additionally, review the webpage from Nielson Norman, Articles & Videos (Links to an external site.).

When we engage in marketing, we should ensure that we build relationships with our customers and ensure that our customers know they are important today and tomorrow. Using the web as a marketing channel is a widely used practice. However, not all web marketing efforts suggest that the customer is important, and there is a plethora of practices that frustrate and annoy web users.

When websites are unusable, potential customers often become frustrated and angry. We can be relatively certain that angry and frustrated customers are not likely to return to our site. When customers abandon us, growth prospects are nil. An effective and usable site is a strong aid to business growth.

For useful articles and videos about website usability, review this webpage from Nielsen Norman, Articles & Videos (Links to an external site.).

When you land on the webpage, review and analyze the site contents and then address the following:

  • Define site usability.
  • Retrieve two articles or videos, one that offers some sound usability practices and one that offers information about practices that frustrate usability.
  • Compare the information in the articles and critique two practices from each article.
  • Determine if specific changes would make the Nielsen Norman site more usable.

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