Canadian Payroll Association Education and Training Development Plan Discussion

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1)Working in your assigned group, discuss the following scenario and develop your response.

Ann has a Diploma in Accounting and completed the Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) certification one year ago. She has been working as your Payroll Coordinator for two years and is eager to grow within the department.

You will be retiring from your role as Payroll Manager in three years and need to update the succession plan for the department. You feel Ann has the personal skills necessary to fill the Manager role,but needs further professional development.

Prepare a three-year education and training development plan for Ann.

2) Using your current or previous position(s), identify three SMART cascading objectives. These personal objectives should be based on the Payroll department’s priorities, established by the organizational strategic plan.

Include the organizational and departmental objectives that your personal objectives cascade from.

Describe the steps required for you to achieve your objectives.

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