Versacold Logistics: Long Term Vision and Missions, business and finance homework help

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Please read the assigned (attached) case and then answer the questions below:

  1. How does Versaocld have to position itself to be successful in the future?
  2. What are the key elements of Versaocld’s future strategy – its vision, mission, key objectives and strategies?
  3. What are the key elements of the future culture of the organization that will support this strategy?
  4. What should the initial strategic priorities be for the first 12 – 18 months of implementation?

The answers can be in point format not necessarily the essay type as long as they are able to explain the underlying reasoning and concept behind it.

Please come up with at least 2 Visions (Long-term
Strategy) and around 3-4 Missions (short term strategy). Please provide a brief
explanation and reasoning for your vision and mission statements

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