Project, Program, and Portfolio Management

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Imagine that you are writing an internal document for your company on the differences between project, program, and portfolio management.

In your initial post, share some topics that you would discuss in the internal document. Conduct research and use sources to support your description. Be sure to acknowledge any sources you use.

In your responses to your peers, comment on someone else’s approach to creating the document. Do you agree with the topics they discussed for the internal document? Why or why not? If their topics are different from yours, why do you think you used different information in creating the document?

This is the post to respond too:

If I had to write an internal document on project, program, and portfolio I would cover topics such as the different types of management styles that each of the managers have, a project manager is the one that delivers a project to a group and is efficient and reliable, a program manager is more about the strategic approach when it comes to projects, and the portfolio manager is more about keeping the organization on track of what they are doing. I would also talk about how they work all together even though they are so different, they help organizations understand the roles that they each play to bring the completion of the strategic goal that they want to accomplish.

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