Eastern Oregon University Ethical Dilemma in the Trolley Problem Essay

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Review video below:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOpf6KcWYyw or

Required format: Professional style report, single spaced, block paragraphs, maximum one-page in length. APA format is required for in-text citations. In-text citations are also required, minimum of three. Note: While this assignment may seem like a journal or a blog, it will be tempting to write in a conversational voice. Please remember to write in a formal and professional voice for all assignments. In the real-world most of what you will encounter when dealing with ethical issues, will involve memos, letters, reports, and/or speeches. In this assignment, you will be evaluated on proper format, professional style of writing, and your analysis and discussion of the ethics. Several tips for writing were provided for you in the Modules section of the course shell. Please read and follow those tips.

Also please review the following material on ethical dilemmas and ethical choices before starting this assignment.



*Define the ethical dilemma presented in the “Trolley Problem” and explain why it is an ethical dilemma and not an ethical choice. Use supporting evidence for your position from the textbook and the readings.

*Determine a course of action and the ethical guideline you used to make your decision. Utilize and apply specific information in your textbook from Chapters 1-3 to support your recommend course of action. You must cite your textbook a minimum of 3 times in supporting your conclusions.

*You must use professional, non-biased (no opinions, just facts) language and you must use supporting material from your text.

*Remember, use at least 3 reference citations from the Johnson textbook to support your decision.

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