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In regards to the business itself, the steady decline in profits indicates that there is a problem. Their recent lack of ability to meet product release deadlines and their slow movement into cloud computing technologies is hurting their image as the “top player” in the market. Structurally, there are serious issues with how decisions are made within Celeritas. Boyer’s attitude about being the only one who makes big decisions is really hurting the company. He says that he listens to his SVPs, but in reality, he still does what he thinks is best, even if it doesn’t align with the SVP’s ideas. There needs to be more input and team decision making in order for things to run smoother. By Boyer making all the decisions, it is causing a lot of tension and resentment towards him. 
The main interpersonal issue steams from the fact that the different departments don’t directly deal with problems that they are having. Instead, they use Boyer as a middleman, which is preventing problems from being resolved. There also seems to be a lot of issues with Lloyd. Most of his colleges believe that his confrontational attitude does not fit in well with Celeritas and they do not get along. 

The team-building effort at Celeritas seemed quite effective at first. At the end of the meeting, there was a sense of togetherness and the SVPs were excited about the new changes being implemented at Celeritas. What seemed to work well was everyone getting a chance to voice his or her issues and opinions. This lead to some heated arguments, but the problems finally had a chance to be discussed and worked out. It really helped to open Boyer’s eyes to some issues that he didn’t even know existed. He realized that his meetings with the SVPs weren’t as effective as he had previously thought; also he learned that he needs to have more defined…

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