Mock Interview Project – Part One

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*****************************************Must have Optimal Resume site experience**************************************

After completing your Optimal Resume interview practice:

Provide a brief description of the Optimal Resume Interview format
you chose to use, and why you preferred that format (Spoken and Video
recorded, Spoken Only, Written, and No Response).

  • What 10 questions did you select?
  • Which questions did you find the most difficult to answer?
    Did you make use of the virtual coach? If so, how did this help?
  • What did you learn from the Optimal Resume Interview tool.
    If you used the Audio and Video option, what did you learn from
    viewing yourself on camera?

You should have set up a mock interview this week to take place in Module 5.

  • Who will be interviewing you?
  • What is the person’s position?
  • In what industry does the person work? *******Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document.

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