MAN 1300 Rasmussen College Workplace Harassment Essay

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CJ, Melissa, and Sam work together in the warehouse of a large manufacturing company that produces to-go products for the restaurant industry. CJ has been the target of jokes and nicknames based on her appearance for a few months. Read the dialogue between CJ, Melissa, and Sam during their lunch break below. In your main post, share the advice you would give CJ and address whether you agree with Melissa or Sam’s analysis of the situation in their workplace.

CJ: I just wish the so-called jokes would end. They aren’t funny.

Melissa: You need to go straight to HR and tell someone about the jokes and the nicknames. It isn’t right. Managers should know better than to talk to someone like that.

Sam: What is HR going to do? You got the same evaluation scores as the rest of us and you got your 2% increase, right?

CJ: Yes.

Sam: Then, how is there a problem? I watched that HR video on harassment last year, and I am pretty sure that if you were being harassed, then you would only get your raise if you were forced to do something that you didn’t want to do. Did anyone force you to do something harmful?

CJ: No, but—

Sam: But, nothing. You haven’t been forced to do anything, and no one has touched you or hurt you.

Melissa: I disagree.

CJ: I get sick the night before a workday if I know they are on the schedule.

Melissa: Then, that’s harassment, go to HR! Jokes and nicknames aren’t supposed to make a person sick. You asked them to stop, and they didn’t. Maybe they’ll listen to HR.

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