A Twitch Streamer

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Write an essay by following instruction:you will watch someone stream. It can be anyone, as long as they AREN’T a pro. That comes later.

  1. What’s the audience and how does the caster appeal to/create for that audience?
  2. Does this cast cater to hardcore fans or do you see ways in which there is an attempt to help people who don’t understand the game follow the action? Why?
  3. Think about production value. This will vary greatly from stream-to-stream. Some streams will just be a person playing with coms from a game as audio. Think about how that impacts you as a viewer.
  4. How does the caster involve the audience directly in the cast? If they don’t, why? What might be gained or lost?
  5. Why’d you stayed with the stream? What is the appeal?

Each criterion will be worth 2 points of your final total for the assignment.

You may pick any streamer you like as long as:

  1. They aren’t a pro or a professional organization
  2. Stream for at least 1 hour

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