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Initial question from instructor:

The concept of leadership as a “vocation” greatly distinguishes leadership from a job, career, or what one simply does for a living. A vocation can be thought of as one’s calling. Vocation is often associated with the clergy or missionaries who feel called by a higher power to fulfill a specific purpose. Vocation is also a concept associated with careers like teachers, emergency responders, doctors, or other health care professionals who feel strongly compelled to dedicate their own lives to improving the lives of those whom they serve. Consider your own view of leadership. How does understanding leadership as a vocation inform your understanding of the personal and moral commitments required of leaders? If leadership is not a job, but a calling, what responsibilities do leaders have towards their position, their organization, and their followers?

Respond to this response from classmate:

Understanding leadership as a vocation informs my personal and moral commitments as a leader, to push me to be all that I can be in every area of my life. As a leader, you must have personal integrity, to be able to lead others. Having personal integrity would push you to want to help others grow rather than showcase your skills. Leadership has moral commitments to not look at the rank or level of a person. Leaders are always characterized by a deep sense of ethics, are driven by core ideals (justice) and are motivated by the pursuit of a higher purpose (Tamang, 2013).

Leaders have a responsibility to do their best daily to assist not only in their position, but everywhere they go. As a leader, you are always on the spotlight and are always being watched; even when you think no one is paying any attention. Responsibility to do what is right regardless of who is watching so be the goal of every leader. One wrong move in front of a person at your job or in your organization, could case others to fall and think differently of the leader and the organization that the person represent. Growing up, I was always told to be mindful of my actions. Leaders should lead by example and know the value of every person that they come in contact with.


Tamang, Bida. 2013. What do you mean by Moral Leadership?…

Use at least one scholarly reference. APA

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