Personality project and case aplication

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There are 2 separate assignments needs to be written in a SIMPLE language. First is 2 pages long, second is 1 page long.

FIRST: Personality Project.

Purpose: Bandura proposed that all forms of behavior can be learned without directly experiencing any reinforcement through the observational learning process. Further, Bandura believed in modeling, which is a behavior modification technique that involves observing the behavior of others (the models) and participating with them in performing the desired behavior. The purpose of this personality project is to critically analyze how modeling has impacted your personality development in relation to coping skills.

Instructions: Complete the free online How do you deal? personality assessment at: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to learn which coping strategies you tend to use to deal with problems in your life. Once you receive your results, scroll to the bottom of the page and save your results link provided under “Share Your Results!” or right click on the screen, select Print, and then select Save as PDF for the destination. You will need to submit the link, copy of the saved results or a screen shot of the full results from your computer along with your essay.

NOTE: If the link above does not work, cut-and-paste it into your web browser.


Complete a two (2) page essay responding the following questions:

1. What did your results reveal about your coping skills?

2. What extend did you learn these coping skills from one or more “models” in your life?

3. Are your coping skills adaptive or maladptive from your viewpoint? Why?

Formatting Requirements:

  • Margins – 1 Inch
  • Font – Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri (12pt)
  • Spacing – Double
  • Length – 2 Pages (3 w/ Title Page)
  • Include Separate Title Page – Name, PID, Title of Essay
  • DO NOT restate the questions as part of your responses or use extra spaces between your responses to increase page length.


The essay must be 2 full page in length. It will not be considered a full page if you add extra spaces or can include another sentence at the end. You must have a separate Title Page that includes your first and last name, Panther ID and title of your essay. You may not include this information at the top of your essay page. You must submit the assignment via Canvas in a Word or PDF document ONLY. If you are having problems with Canvas you must send your homework via FIU email to as issues with Canvas will not be an excuse for late submission. Please note that submissions will not be accepted after the due date and time listed below. See Grading Rubric for additional guidelines.

SECOND: Case Application

The goal of the case application is to learn how to recognize and analyze the personality development of others using the assessment method of direct observation as a form of case analysis based on the chapter material covered that week. you can choose a case from your personal life (i.e. family member, friend, significant other boss, etc.), a character from a television show (in more than one episode), a movie, or by reading a novel. observations should be behavioral in nature: write down what you see, hear, and/or read. also, write down the meaning you attached to what you saw, heard, and/or read, along with how it relates to personality development. Case application submissions will be 1-page in length and include:

  • The setting or situation in which the observation/interaction occurred
  • Who was included in the observation/interaction
  • Description(s) of the observation/interaction
  • Concept(s) from out-of-class assignments or readings that are applicable to observation/interaction
  • The television show, movie or book (if used) as a reference

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