Hedging Strategy Plan

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APA format

Proper citations in apa format writing

Proper 2 or more APA format references in ABC’s order

Proper heading in paper and the length is 6 paragraph in detailed writing and explanation.


Clark Dale is one of the investment portfolio managers at ACG in
charge of managing a $15 million Treasury bond portfolio account for a
trust fund. He is considering the use of Treasury bond futures in an
attempt to hedge the account portfolio. He consults with you with regard
to the best plan of action for investment and portfolio management of
this account. How would you counsel Clark?

  1. Is a hedging strategy the best plan of action?
    • Explain why you think Clark is considering this strategy.
    • What is the relationship between bond prices and interest rate fluctuations?
  2. Should he consider a long or short hedge strategy?
  3. Explain your reasoning behind your suggestion. What will the return be?



Hedging Strategy

To Choose Long or short hedge strategy and why

Your Reasoning and The return why?




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