Written Assignment: Surface Area and Volume of Objects, writing homework help

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Written Assignment: Surface Area and Volume of Objects

For this assignment, you will be finding the surface area and the volume of three different three-dimensional figures.  You will need to find three figures and measure the dimensions using a ruler or tape measure.

Step 1: Find 3 three-dimensional figures around your house.  These can be anything from a soup can to the shower stall (Be creative!!).  You need to pick at least two different shapes (ie, not all rectangular).
Step 2: Sketch each figure and label the dimensions (using appropriate units).
Step 3: Find the surface area of each figure.  Make sure to draw the surfaces of the figure as we learned in this lesson.  Show all work and label your answers appropriately.
Step 4: Find the volume of each figure.  Show all work and label your answers appropriately.
Step 5: Submit all work, sketches and answers to your teacher.

Assignment:Download the assignment as a PDF.

The rubric for the assignment is located in the orientation section or you can download the PDF here.

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