write the purpose of this article

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I have presentation and I have to talk abut the purpose of this article .


1.) Why is the author writing this article? What is the author hoping to accomplish by writing this article? How do you know the author is trying to accomplish this?

2.) What are some of the purposes that the author(s) are writing for? Which of the 5 following purposes is the author writing for: to inform, to interpret, to persuade, to entertain, to express feelings? There is usually more than one purpose present, make sure to explain each purpose the author is writing for.

write 1-1/12 pages total about their respective element/elements and present to the class. You must do the analysis for EACH article (e.g., if you are “subject” you analyze subject for both articles). You can refer to PAGES 5-9 in your WRITE NOW text or to the following website http://slideplayer.com/slide/9768204/ if you’d like more info.

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