World Religions Today 6th edition

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you need to use the book, it’s call World Religions Today 6th edition

if you don’t have i can gave you the copy

This is the big project for this class. The paper will be due on January 17. Please don’t be late!


The student will discover the history, major teachings, and specific terms for a wide range of religious traditions of the world.

The student will be able to utilize the specific vocabulary from a variety of religious traditions.

The student will be able to recognize differences and similarities among those traditions.

The student will be able to compare various religious traditions of the world in the contemporary global context.

Final Project: Essay/Discussion Questions

Answer any three of the following questions covering three different religious traditions using the textbook. Make sure to cite the textbook in your answer. Please do not use the Internet in writing your report-you will not get any credit if you use Internet sources and if you don’t cite the textbook. Your answer should be at least 250 words per question.

1. Explain why you would find it hard to study and understand primal religions and some religious traditions today if you only looked at them from an exclusively monotheistic point of view.

2. Explain how diversity relativizes all stories.

3. What were the questions that led to the emergence of the great world religions?

4. Highlight how postmodernity differs from modernity, according to this text.

5. Explain the significance and meaning behind a typical ritual such as a Passover seder.

6. Explain how a religion can be called a religion if it does not have a belief in God.

7. Discuss the significance of “story” to all religions.

8. (w) Discuss the postcolonial reaction to colonialism and include the religious and cultural movements that came out of it.

9. Why did a well-known scholar of comparative religions call our species Homo religiosus?

10. List and briefly discuss the three main uses of totems in indigenous societies.

11. Explain the relationship between modern European colonialism and the demise of ancient religious traditions.

12. What is the significance of the oral tradition to Judaism?

13. Discuss some of the characteristics of the new “Judaism of Holocaust and Redemption.”

14. Explain what all fundamentalist movements, including ultra-Orthodoxy, have in common.

15. Explain the concept of original sin in Christianity.

16. Explain how Paul influenced the emergence and development of Christianity.

17. Describe the outcome of the crises and dissents that Muhammad’s death triggered.

18. Describe the origin and development of Sufism.

19. Identify and discuss the impact of two of the following: Malcolm X, Wallace D. Muhammad (Warith Deen Muhammad), Louis Farrakhan.

20. Explain how the social groupings of “castes” originated and developed.

21. Discuss how the majority of Hindus learn about the ideals of life, as outlined in classical Hinduism, from the two great epics, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana.

22. Describe some characteristics of the guru–disciple relationship in modern India.

23. Explain the reasons for the decline in Buddhism in South Asia that started around the year 700.

24. How did colonialism contribute to the decline of Buddhism?

25. Explain the merit-making system, or punya, that is so popular with the majority of Buddhists.

26. Discuss the impact of “engaged Buddhism” on the spread of Buddhism.

27. Explain what is meant by the term “diffuse religion.”

28. Discuss three effects of imperialism or colonialism on the countries of East Asia.

29. Explain the typical process as a new religious movement unfolds within a larger religious tradition.

30. What is special about the parable of the man clinging to the vine in the history of civilization?

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