Modern American History: Research Proposal (250 – 300 words)

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For this assignment, you will be proposing your research paper topic. Please choose a topic that is relevant to a modern American history, focusing specifically on a theme, person, event, between 1865-present day. After you have decided on a topic, I want you to think of what kind of sources you will use to write this paper. You will need a minimum of three primary and three secondary sources (six sources total). If you are uncertain about what a primary or secondary source is, please watch the YouTube link below for a brief explanation on what they are. For this assignment, please think of hypothetical sources you think would be relevant for your paper.

What I need from you:

Please submit a write up (between 250-300 words) on what your research paper will be about. Give me a clear idea of what your paper will be about, what you hope to uncover or answer as you write it, and possibly what kind of sources and evidence you will be using and working with.

This is the link for the book:

Video Link on Primary/Secondary Sources:

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