Linear Optimization Model Problem excel solver and APA paper explain

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Solve Problem
and Applications: ch 13- prob 7 [Klein Industries manufactures three
types of portable air compressors] in page 451 at the end of chapter 13
in your textbook, USA 5th edition. The data is given as part of the
question. There is no external data set provided. Use what is given by
the problem. You need to submit a formal APA paper to explain all your
findings together with your Excel Worksheet to demonstrate you have set
up the Solver correctly. In the paper, you also need to explain how you
set up the LP model to solve this case study.

13-7. Klein Industries manufactures three types of portable air
compressors: small, medium, and large, which have unit profits of
$20.50, $34.00, and $42.00, respectively. The projected monthly sales

Small Medium Large
Minimum 14,000 6,200 2,600
Maximum 21,000 12,500 4,200

The production process consists of three primary activities: bending
and forming, welding, and painting. The amount of time in minutes needed
to process each product in each department is shown below:
Small Medium Large Available Time
Bending/forming 0.4 0.7 0.8 23,400
Welding 0.6 1.0 1.2 23,400
Painting 1.4 2.6 3.1 46,800

How many of each type of air compressor should the company produce to maximize profit?
a. Formulate and solve a linear optimization model using the auxiliary
variable cells method and write a short memo to the production manager
explaining the sensitivity information.
b. Solve the model without the auxiliary variables and explain the
relationship between the reduced costs and the shadow prices found in
part a.

Solution Tip: You must use Solver tool in Excel. Set your constraints
right, and fill in the solver dialogue box properly. Be sure to review
links provided in the last lesson, or in one of the announcements in the
first week of class. Here is a You Tube link you could view:

Also additional slides to explain basics and a basic example is
attached. The example and slides are for demonstration and illustration
purpose only to help practice how to use solver tool.

Homework will be check by school during submission using

Also follow all guidelines correctly and submit on time as I have to meet deadlined.

I will need excel sheet showing the solution, the paper and screenshot of Solver tool in Excel.

Thank you for helping


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