HPA310: The Haemophilus Vaccine: A Victory for Immunologic Engineering

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This week’s assignment will allow you to take the information you learned about the immune system and apply it to a real medical case.

Read the case study ( attached below)

Should not be no more than 4 pages and less than 2. Double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins.

Must cite all work in MLA format ( intext citation included)

  • In your own words answer questions 1 through 4 below. When answering the questions be through and detailed with your explanations. The answers you provide to the questions should make it obvious that you understand the concepts from the case study and this lesson.
    1. What is the pathophysiological role of the leukocytes in the present situation?
    2. How sure could you be at this stage, a few hours after admission to the hospital, that Josephine is indeed ill with bacterial meningitis? What other diagnoses might be considered? What bacterial agents, other than H. influenzae, cause meningitis? List and briefly describe other illnesses caused by H. influenzae.
    3. Why did Josephine become ill? Shouldn’t her immune system have stopped the infection from the beginning? Could there be some kind of immunodeficiency?
    4. Catherine received telephone calls from the director at the daycare center. The center’s staff was deeply worried and wished to know the risks for the remaining children of the center and for other center personnel. What should the day care center say to the parents? Should all the children receive preventive treatment? Be specific – Your advice will be of the utmost importance given that the news media may soon become aware of the present series of cases and a whole region alerted.

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