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1. What legal and political influences can affect the decisions of judges?
How does the judiciary play a part in policy making?

2. How does the
federal bureaucracy implement policy within the federal government? Give a
specific example. Where does the bureaucracy get its power?

3. Explain the
structure of the federal judicial system. What are the responsibilities of each
part of the system?

4. In 1800, the
federal bureaucracy was relatively small with only a few thousand employees.
Describe how the bureaucracy grew from a few thousand employees to the size it
is today. Also, discuss how the bureaucracy is organized and how government
employees are hired.

DB6.Artisan considerations have
increasingly influenced the selection of federal judges. Interest groups on the
right and the left have insisted on the appointment of judges who hold
compatible views. Presidents and members of Congress have also increasingly
sought appointees who will decide issues in ways they prefer. What is your
view? Should politics play such a large role in judicial appointments? Or
should merit be given greater weight?Does a merit based system favor ONLY
those with money and the connections? 150 words

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