Barry University Lethal Weapon Film Analysis

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For your final assignment, you will be doing the leading on identifying a film that helps us understand leadership. For this exercise, place yourself in the role of a manger interested in demonstrating aspects of leadership and its importance to your team. Your objective is not to tell them about why leadership is important or why they should respect you as a leader. Rather your objective is to train the team you lead as leaders. You will be submitting a short introductory paper to your training program as well as the training material itself which could take the form of a narrated PowerPoint, a short film, or even a series of guided conversation. The training program might deconstruct specific scenes, the behaviors s of the characters or even how characters respond to circumstances. All of these choices are yours.

There are a few steps that are important.

Step 1. Select a film that you find interesting but is not one of the films we used in the course. It should be a film that you enjoy or covers a topic that is important or even a person that you admire. The film can be a documentary or a work of fiction. But it must be a film that we did not use in this course.

Answer the following about the film:

          1. What is the Name of the Film? (AMERICAN GANGSTER)
          2. Who is the director of the film? (RIDLEY SCOTT)
          3. Briefly provide a synopsis of the film (about 300 words) describing what the film is about. Use your own words. Do not copy resources like IMDB. It is important you organize this synopsis from your point of view.

Step 2. You have already done the readings from the chapters of the text for the course. Select three theories/sections of the assigned chapters that compose the points you want to get across in your training . For example, you could choose The Ohio State Studies, PAth-Goal Theory and Trait Theory. What it important is that the combination can be taught in a short training session with a team of employees after they view the films. State in the introductory paper the sections your are covering and how they apply in the film. Note: This is not the training- it is more a summary.

Step 3. Describe briefly in your introductory paper how the film addresses or improves organizational culture? What does the film help your team understand about organizational culture? Again this is not the training just go right the point in about 150 words. For example, you could write about Lincoln, the film helps the team understand not only the role of the leader on the team but the importance of individuals honoring one another respectfully. Lincoln builds a culture of respect among his staff and shows teams how respect is a powerful means to accomplish their objectives in the longer term .

Step 4. Select a specific scene of the film you select and provide a detailed analysis (include this in the introductory paper but this becomes the introduction to your training program. Make sure you cover the following:

  1. Why is the scene important for understanding leadership?
  2. How does the scene invite a team member to become a better leader.

Guidance: It really doesn’t matter what the film is. This is about putting together a training intervention for your team. Remember that you are using the film to help the team understand that main point of leadership you want to communicate in Step 2. You are also using the film to help model behavior for employees. If you can locate a copy of the relevant scene on a platform like YouTube, include the link. It will make your analysis easier to place in context.

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