AMH Discussion: Blaming The President

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As the Great Depression deepened in the early 1930s during President Hoover’s administration, many Americans lost confidence on their leader. Hoover became the subject of comedic relief across the country. Old newspapers used for protection from the elements were dubbed “Hoover blankets”; empty pockets turned inside out were called “Hoover flags”; and the numerous shantytowns that appeared as more and more people became homeless were labeled “Hoovervilles.” Read some of the primary sources below to learn more about the ideas which guided the Hoover administration, and the actions he took (or did not take) to address the crisis. In your post, explain what principles guided President Hoover’s response to the Great Depression. Did his views appear to evolve or remain the same as the depression deepened in the early 1930s? Do you agree with his approach, initiatives and veto actions during the depression? Or, would you say Americans were generally correct in blaming the president for the deepening economic crisis? Explain why or why not.

Support your post with evidence from at least 3 of the sources below.

Be sure to read and use at least one of the following sources:

AND at least two of the following:

Additional Guidelines

  1. In approximately 150-250 words, post your response to the question(s) above. Your post should use evidence from the provided sources. You may also use the textbook, but only as additional support. Your focus should be the above sources. Use a concise, professional and academic style of writing, free of grammatical errors and colloquialisms.

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