200- 250 words discussion

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1. Review the following questions:

What is the difference between assault and battery as defined in ILCS?

List and define the various types of Assault/Battery.Note the difficulties in Investigation of each.

Identify the types of Offenders who commit these crimes.

2. Refer to 720ILSC5 / Title III / Article 12C – Harms to Children for possible Criminal Sentences.Identify what can be indicators of Child Abuse and what you would do if you became aware of a situation involving Child Abuse.

3. What are the 4 Types of Death Investigations as given in the textbook?Give a Legal definition and relevant example for each type.Identify the Criminal and Non-Criminal Classifications of Homicides and state what differentiates them from one another.Give an example of each classification.

4. Chapter 10 Identifies 7 Classifications of Sex Offenses.Identify, explain, and give a relevant example of one of the 7. Find a case example that involves your chosen offense. What are the important pieces of the investigation? Why is important for the investigators to be professional and ethical in cases of this nature?

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