GWU Using the Transaction Multiples Valuation Adjust Takeover Premium Questions

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1. A financial buyer intends to purchase a 4% stake in Casino Royale Ltd., a private company with revenues of about $35 mil. You have been hired to value the company using transaction multiples from acquisitions of private firms by financial buyers. What adjustments, if any, would you make to the estimated value of Casino Royale Ltd.?

2. Carver Industries, a news media company, is being bought out by its CEO Elliot Carver and MI-6, a buyout fund. The buyers are trying to decide whether to pay with cash or stock for the target. Which method will lead to greater value uncertainty for the shareholders of Carver Industries?

3. Suppose that you are hired as a consultant by Quantum Inc. to help them increase their value. The company has expected growth rate of 8%, ROIC of 8%, and cost of capital of 9%. What would you suggest Quantum Inc. do?

4. The management of Drax Industries Moonraker Inc., a public company, is going to maintain a constant D/E ratio in the long run. If you are to calculate the present value of the tax shields resulting from the use of debt financing, what discount rate will you use and why?

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