Final Project due Thursday

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Throughout this course, you have been exposed to various case studies. Throughout your academic program you have strategically analyzed a multitude of real-world issues facing today’s hospitality organizations, you have performed research, you have applied critical thinking methods, and you have developed strategy. This final project is where it all ties together. Except, however, you will chose the case and analyze the situation and provide strategic solution.

Your selected case must relate to the Hospitality industry only.

Prior approval is required. Please email me the name of the organization for which you wish to investigate and write the case study.

Project Requirements:

Step 1: Provide a description of the company. Include when and by whom the company was founded, provide their mission/vision statements, details of objectives, and explain their current performance and significant achievements. If analyzing a corporation viewing their annual report will help you locate this information. For an independent, you may have to perform an interview.

Step 2: Provide detail on the company’s offerings (products and/or services or both). Discuss uniqueness in offerings (if any).

Step 3: Describe their current organizational (business) strategy and/or product positioning strategy. You may also choose to discuss the enterprise’s desired image and position in the market.

Step 4: Describe their current marketing strategy, define their target demographic, and customers’ motivation to buy.

Step 5: Identify their distribution strategies. Briefly describe the technology used which assists in distribution.

Step 6: Identify the problem. This could be one that is published or one that you (after investigation) have determined to be an issue needing solved. Be specific. You will build on this later in the paper and provide solutions.

Step 7: SWOT analysis (Internal and External). Two SWOT analyses are to be performed. One of internal operations and one of external forces which influence business decisions.

Step 8: Identify a competitive strategy (i.e. Cost leadership, differentiation, focus). If a current competitive strategy is not evident, recommend a competitive strategy and support your recommendation with specifics.

Step 9: Recommendations: After performing both an internal SWOT and external SWOT (and also considering industry trends learned in former classes) recommend a solution to the problem identified in Step 6. Remember to back up your recommendations with facts, proof, and statistics (if applicable). Your goal here is to provide a plausible solution and a recommended forward looking strategy. Describe how these strategies will influence each department, internal stakeholders, and how they will influence the future growth of the company, external stake holders, and revenues.

Step 10: Implementation Plan: This section describes how the issues will be corrected. You will describe how, where, when, and by whom the recommended course of action will be implemented. .

Additional Requirements: This paper should be 2500 words. This project accounts as 20% of final grade. Apply “Written Case Report” format (see pages 106-108). Include a title page, executive summary, table of contents, written analysis of Steps 1 – 10, exhibits/appendices, and an APA formatted reference page.

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