What are the “moral geographies” portrayed in Captain American? Socials science homework help

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What are the “moral geographies” portrayed in Captain American comics during World War II, as described in the Dittmer?

Question 2 options:

The United States is the new superpower that easily crushes all evil enemies with its superior technology

The United States is complex country with heterogeneous identities but do this fact has moral superiority over countries claiming racial superiority

Manifest destiny in the United States reveals that it is bound to lead the world while the older nations of Europe are too bound to tradition

One of the central points of Dittmer’s writing about narration and the United States is that:

Question 3 options:

Stories of ourselves tend to highlight certain positive aspects and change due to changing political circumstances

Nazi propaganda made it difficulty to rally US citizens behind World War II

Popular culture has no relation to national life of a country

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