Recruiter’s Role in Retention and Turnover

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Human Resources staff and all of management are tasked with retention
of staff. Turnover is costly. Some managers are natural retention
experts; others need help. Most of all, managers need to become
conscious of their critical role in retaining talented employees. They
need to be held accountable for building a culture of retention in their
departments. HR has to lead retention efforts by making managers the
owners of this process; responsible and accountable for keeping good
employees. You are their recruiter tasked with assisting your managers
with their retention efforts. What are some retention strategies you
would suggest to them? After reading this assignment, conduct independent research to help
support your paper. Then in a 2 – 3 page paper address the following:

  • Provide an overview of the importance of retention
  • Identify and explain 3 costs associated with turnover
  • Describe your retention recommendations
  • Provide your conclusion and make sure to address the importance of retention efforts in human resources
  • Be sure to use APA style with at least two sources cited

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