Read the chapter and then answer the chapter discussion questions

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Discussion – Chapter 7: Warehousing

You have to read and understand Chapter 7: Warehousing, which can be found in the attached textbook Logistics Management. Chapter 7 Warehousing is starting from page 252 to 278 from the attached textbook.

Then, you need to do the following:

– [Once a warehouse location decision is made,] How does the warehouse location decision affect the rest of the logistics system?

– What are some of the warehousing issues that could confront a logistics manager pondering an international expansion?

Instructions & deadline:

Be sure to answer all the above questions given in less than 24 hours in at least 250-350-words

Then, maybe after 2-3 days, I will share with you the text-writing of three other students from the class.

Once you have the text-writing of the three other students, you need to write a respond to each student in less than 24 hours from sharing their text-writing (You must write 50-70-words response to each student).

Plagiarism is not acceptable in any form and a score of zero will be given on the paper, as the paper will be checked by Turnitin Website for plagiarism.

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