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I have written half of it already. I am currently stuck at the framework portion of the prospectus. Everything must be aligned with my research topic you can not go off topic. Also I have the research questions already so you don’t need to worry about that portion of the paper.

I will attach what I have so far and also an example of what a finish prospectus should look like for you to mirror.

Framework it is either conceptual or theoretical I got stuck here and couldn’t decide which is should be. This is also only one paragraph long.

Research Questions I have them already I can give them to you or put them in myself you let me know.

Research Methodology and Design all I am certain of at the moment is that my paper is qualitative that is your starting point. This also is about one paragraph long.

Possible Types and Sources of Information or Data I will be using surveys and interviews anything else that you can think of to help gather data input

The reference must be peer reviewed scholarly articles.

Attached named my prospectus is my actual paper that you will continue working on

Attachment named Prospectus temp is the guide to making it perfect there is an example one there along with guidance.

So to recap I am just missing two more paragraphs and a list so to speak. I thought about it I am going to provide you with my research questions that might give you better guidance.

RQ1. What are the perceptions of administrators on their knowledge of how special education works within their school?

RQ 2. How do administrators with special education knowledge engage with campus proceeding dealing with students who qualify for special education services?

RQ 3. What are the perceptions of administrations on having adequate foundational knowledge in special educations to effectively serve students with disabilities?

RQ 4. What is the score scale fo certified administrators in Southeast Texas regarding the special education law on the Knowledge of Special Education Law Survey?

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