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Explain to your classmates the problem you are addressing in your Portfolio Project and the type of support you are providing to show the problem exists.

For example, are you using compelling statistics, a true narrative example, and/or a number of brief examples of the occurrence of the problem in specific locations or at specific times?

Share briefly some of your evidence for the problem.

In replies to classmates, offer additional proof if such proof can be documented, and comment on your perception of the strength of the evidence.

Remember to compose a substantive initial post and two responses.

Peer Post 1:

Class here is my Intro: would love feedback to make this better. Rising global temperatures are having devastating effects from the melting of the polar ice caps to changing major migration patterns for all types of animals. Global warming from man-made impact or just earth’s natural cycle, the temperatures are rising and the effects are starting to impact the global landscape. No matter what side you fall on not taking action as a member of the human race is unacceptable. Actions must be taken to ensure that we limit the impact on the global temperatures, this can be done by moving away from fossil fuel and increased renewable energy options here at home and globally.

I am tackling the issue of global warming and the idea that this is a man-made problem or just earth natural cycle. As I began to research this topic and found some alarming facts like February 2016 was not only the most unusually warm month ever measured globally, at 1.35 degrees Celsius above the long term average – it was more than 0.2 degrees Celsius warmer than the previously most unusually warm month ever measured: January 2016 (Holthaus, 2016). You can’t turn on a TV for any length of time and not see or hear about this topic and with the Presidential race rapidly approaching this topic is a main talking point. Even as early as this morning the issue of global temperature in the presidential race was a topic of discussion on my local NPR station. Much like the candidates the US in split on this the real cause of this. Whatever side you’re on the fact are the fact and source after source indicated a rise in temperature. This is impacting the coast areas as the Average global sea level has increased eight inches since 1880, but is rising much faster on the U.S. East Coast and Gulf of Mexico (, 2014). As we saw with Hurricane Katrina and Super Storm Sandy the impact of sea level on our coastal areas can have devastating impact on not only the physical structures but also on the emotional wellbeing of those impacted.

This year President Obama has been a drivng force on this front since taking the office and last month during his trip to Paris he was able to work with 55% of the top carbon emitting countries to sign a ground breaking deal to reduce the overall carbon output (Korte, 2016). We must continue to educate and take aggressive actions to at the very least slow the effects of a warming earth.

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Peer Post 2:

The problem I am addressing is poor work-life balance and how it impacts working families. My primary support for this problem is statistics and have included a couple below:

Work-life balance is the balance between ones professional career and personal life; with today’s technilogical advances in smart phones, tablets and laptops, the line between work and life has become blurred. Working parents are more likely to struggle with work-life balance due to multiple, often competing obliligations.

Parker (2015) reports 56% of working parents report difficulty with obtaining greater work-life balance, with 1 in 5 full-time working mothers reporting it being very difficult to obtain a good work-life balance, compared to 12% of full-time working fathers.

Work-life balance affects more than employees, work-life balance costs companies billions annually in the form of presenteeism and absenteeism, $180 billion and $118 billion, respectively, (Prater & Smith, 2011).


Parker, K. (2015). Raising kids and running a household: How working parents share the load. Pew Reserch Center. Retrieved from

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