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Please replied to these classmates post for example you migth replied hi nice post ….

Post 1: Christopher wrote this

why is important for to assess and monitor Customer Satisfaction? assesses and monitors customer satisfaction since satisfaction ratings have a coralation to efficiency and preformance of the company. In order to provide a better website experience, scorecards helped provide a metric to customer satisfaction issues. By implementing such a small change to allowing scorecards, Expedia was was able to consume the massive amounts of data collected by the customer satisfaction group. Other solutions include a refined vision of a detailed analysis of the fundamental drivers of the department’s performance and the link between the performance collected and Expedia’s overall goals. As shown on page 138, the scorecards involved a 3 step process, deciding how to measure satisfaction, setting the right performance targets, and putting the data into context.

Why is important from a strategic stand-point to monitor Steel Wheels’ customer satisfaction and performance?

The result from implementing scorecards proved to be extremely beneficial to the company. If Steel Wheels were able to monitor customer satisfaction and performance, the outcome can yield data that can provide trends or patterns observed. Scorecards can provide Customer Service groups data on how well the company is doing with respect to the KPI. Steel Wheels can use this information to reflect on the information provided by the group’s objectives versus the company objectives. Finally, the additional benefit is the data collected is not specific to the customer satisfaction group, but can be used for other business units within Steel Wheels.

Post 2 Deepak wrote this:

Customer satisfaction is the key to any business success. It is hard to convince customers without focusing on customer satisfaction especially for e-business like, which doesn’t have a storefront. Not having a storefront means an open invitation for bunch of confused customers.

More confused customers wandering around will leave more unsatisfied customers. This is bad for business.

With a large amount of customer data available at Expedia, it needed competitive advantage over other online travel sites and it was only possible by assessing and monitoring customer satisfaction. To do so, Expedia needed a perfect tool to measure customer satisfaction from their databases to determine short-term and long-term payoff so that they could focus not only on online shopping experience but also customer service.

In the case of Steel Wheels, the company is manufacturing toys based on current trend. While the company is struggling to find out what customers want, it is crucial to measure customer satisfaction in order to meet high level of customer’s expectation. It will be handy to measure some standard customer satisfaction metrics by gathering customer data in the form of advertising, survey and sales, This way Steel Wheels can make quick decision on whether or not to keep producing the toys. The metrics will help determine what products are living up to the customer’s expectations and, hence, boost company revenue and quality brand

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