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Case Study

Ms. Annie has recently joined a chemical Manufacturing company as an Internal Auditor.

She is a person who believes in high Ethical values.
the interview, she had enquired management regarding the ethical
practices of the company including toxic waste disposal methods and
information disclosure public(which extends beyond the disclosure
requirements to by the law).

on joining the internal Audit team of
the company, initially though she was happy with the salary and
benefits offered by the company, after a month she found out that the
company dumping toxic chemical liquids into an underground was water
source without public knowledge.

As the locals around the company
were dependent on “well water” sources for their daily needs, it could
potentially lead to endangering the lives of the residents around the

She was extremely unhappy with the situation and she
approached the CEO to discuss the matter and on enquiry the CEO
threatened to fire her from the Company, if she informed the matter to
anybody else and told company will not do anything about the situation
as it would be very costly for the company.

She is considering the option of “whistle-blowing”


1. Explain the issues or dilemmas faced by Ms. Annie.
2. Comment on if “whistle-blowing” is or is not the right thing to be done in the situation.

list the issues and ethical dilemmas faced by Ms. Annie in the scenario
given above and explain what is the right thing she should do in the
current scenario)
(450 words)

* Guidance Notes and Format of the Assignment :-

1- Introduction >> ( 100 words ) .

2- body of assignment >> ( 450 words )

3- Limitations >> What the problems you faced . (100 words )

4- Conclusion >> . (100 words )

5- References

* The total of assignment = 700 words

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