Infosys’s Global Strategy (International Management

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  • Infosys is one of the world’s largest IT service providers. It started in India but has rapidly expanded around the world. It offers consulting services, outsourcing, data storage, and other informational management services to all industries. Go to Infosys’s website and review the various services it offers. Then answer these questions:
    1. How do you think international strategic management is reflected in what you see on the website?
    2. What major strategic planning steps would Infosys need to carry out in order to remain a world leader with such diverse offerings?
    3. What potential threat, if it occurred, would prove most disastrous for Infosys, and what could the company do to deal with the possibility of this negative development?

    Source: Chapter 8 Internet Exercise: Infosys’s Global Strategy (International Management – Luthans & Doh)

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