Geog Assignment and Sixth Extinction Questions

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Watch: What is Remote Sensing?

What is Remote Sensing? (Links to an external site.)

Watch: How Does LiDAR Remote Sensing Work? Light Detection and Ranging.

How Does LiDAR Remote Sensing Work? Light Detection and Ranging (Links to an external site.)

Watch: Satellite Remote Sensing for Environmental Protection

Satellite Remote Sensing for Environmental Protection (Links to an external site.)

Respond to the following questions:

  1. What is remote sensing? What types of remote sensing instruments have been developed to monitor the Earth? What sorts of things do they measure?
  2. How does LiDAR Remote Sensing work?
  3. Describe at least 3 ways satellites are being used to observe and characterize the world’s environments. Is this an important tool to understanding the Earth and the impacts of climate change? Why or why not?

Write in complete sentences. Answer each question in order and separately (do not combine into one paragraph). The total word count must be at least 750 words. Use only the information in the videos to answer and demonstrate your understanding of the questions.


Reflect on and respond to one of the following questions:

  1. Chapter 3 introduces us to Darwin and Charles Lyell, a great influence on Darwin’s thought. Kolbert also discusses their differences as well as the processes of evolution and extinction. Explain Darwin’s connective theory of extinction and evolution. Include a quote that supports your explain and how it does. (This is the one time you may use one quote.)
  2. What is similar in the causes of the extinction of the Great Auk and the Charles Island Tortoise? Do you find it troubling that species go extinct from human causes? Is that fundamentally different from going extinct from natural causes? Does the presence of morality in our species hold us to a higher standard? Explain.
  3. In Chapter 4 Kolbert introduces us to Walter Alvarez and his discovery of evidence of a giant asteroid found in the Yucatan Peninsula. Every organism alive today is descended from those that survived that impact. Explain the importance of forams and how they were used in Alvarez’s studies. Explain the significance of the spike in iridium in the clay samples taken by Alvarez. Explain the Alvarezes’ hypothesis for such spikes in iridium. Include a quote to support your response. In what way did the scientific community react to the Alvarezes’ impact hypothesis?

Do not use quotes (except where instructions ask for them) – the posting must be in your own words and demonstrate that you have read the assigned chapters. Use examples from the book, and not just one chapter. The questions are written to help you engage the material in Kolbert’s book.

Write in complete sentences, narrative form, no bullet-points. 300 words minimum.

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