Universal Rental Car Simulation Report

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Please answer the four questions below based on your experience running the simulation. Your answers should be restricted to a maximum of 4 pages, single-spaced, 12- point font (+plus exhibits as you see fit). Please use MS Word format.

Please do not discuss this report with your colleagues or share it with anyone else. Where necessary please use data or charts etc. from your analysis to illustrate your points.

  1. How would you characterize the behavior of each city and each type of customer’s (business/leisure)?
  2. How would you characterize the elasticity of demand in each market and overall? Which factor of demand heterogeneity (causes of variance in demand) played the most critical role in your overall performance?
  3. What pricing strategy did you use as you played the game? What was your objective — what were you trying to maximize? (i.e., profit maximization, market share maximization, meet competition, status quo, etc.). Overall how does price affect demand?
  4. Make 3 strategic recommendations on how a specific car rental firm could gain market share and remain profitable in these markets going forward.


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