RES 724 University of Phoenix Wk 4 Mock Study Development Discussion

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Please see attached word file.

Part II: Exploration

  • Locate a minimum of three peer-reviewed, empirical journal articles (published within the last five years) that relate to your selected research topic and/or problem. Analyze each article using the criteria outlined in the table below and report your findings within the table.

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Ex: Smith & Jones (2011)

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Ex: Smith & Jones (2011)

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Ex: Smith & Jones (2011)

APA citation

Research problem

Research question(s)

Research design

Sample size and selection

Type of data collected

Data collection procedure(s)

Data analysis procedure(s)


How does this article substantiate your research topic or problem?

Part III: Formulating a Research Question and Design

  • Propose a research question for a mock study related to your topic and problem that is appropriate for each research purpose listed in the table below. Explain how your research questions align with and/or support the research purpose.
  • Consider your research topic and problem in relation to the research questions you proposed and the literature you reviewed in Part II. Provide a response to the question: “What do I want to know about this topic and problem”?
  • Propose a research question and design for a mock study that will collect data using interviews to help you discover the knowledge you seek. Explain why your research question and design are appropriate for your study.

Research Question(s)





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In later weeks, you will be required to gather data from interviews and observations to inform your mock study. Qualitative research traditionally employs a single data collection method; however, you are expected to use two methods (i.e., interviews and observations), which will require you to formulate a separate research question and design that can be supported using each data collection method. The purpose of this is to demonstrate your ability to engage in the practice of qualitative research on a specific topic/problem, using multiple approaches. As consumers and producers of research, you must possess a general understanding of the various research approaches and procedures.

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