Rasmussen College Module 4 Course Project Job Search Documents

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  1. Prepare a well-organized, 1-page cover letter. Please be sure to review cover letter template options in the General Education Lib Guides Cover Letter tabas a reference point.
  2. Prepare a well-formatted, 1-page references document. Review the sample template in the General Education Lib Guides Resume tab as a guideline. Using the template is optional. Proper punctuation and capitalization will be evaluated along with the following information:
    1. A minimum of 3 identified professional references
    2. Job title for each reference
    3. Current place of employment for each reference
    4. Preferred email for each reference
    5. Preferred phone number for each reference
  1. Prepare an application tracker using the provided template found in the in the General Education Lib Guides Your Job Search tab Be sure to include the following:
    • Using 3 job search engines, list 3 job postings from each job search engine for a total of 9 postings. Only one of those job search engines can be Indeed, Monster Jobs or Career Builder. (Make sure your positions relate to your field of study).
    • Complete the fields listed below within the application tracker. Use the date you completed the search as the date of application
      • Job title
      • Company name
      • Contact phone or email
      • Hyperlink to job posting
      • Date of application
      • Type of follow up

NOTE: be sure that you are submitting all three documents above.

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