Rasmussen College Business Management Tropicana Case Study Analysis

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Read the article What can we learn from Tropicana? and prepare a 2-3 page case study analysis using the questions below to explore this failed product design.

  • Describe Tropicana’s possible reasoning for the initial package redesign?
  • Describe three main visual reference elements that were changed in the package redesign? How did these changes impact the brand’s familiarity?
  • What visual elements, if any, did Tropicana keep consistent in their package redesign? Why is this important?
  • If you were hired today as the design agency to plan a package redesign for Tropicana, how would you implement the package redesign differently than was done in this case? Use full rationale and detail in your response.
  • When planning for a product package redesign, what other visual media components associated with the brand also need to addressed to ensure there is a cohesive visual recognition of the brand?

Required Resources

Young, S., & Ciummo, V. (2009). Managing risk in a package redesign: What can we learn from Tropicana? BrandPackaging, 13(7), 18-21.

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