PTSD life of an officer, Psychology Assignment homework Help

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If you have the symptoms of PTSD, you may try to deal with problems in ways that cause more harm than good. This is called negative coping. Negative coping means you use quick fixes that may make a situation worse in the long run. Here are examples of negative coping to avoid:

  • Substance abuse, Avoiding others, Staying always on guard, Avoiding reminders of the trauma, Anger and violent behavior, Dangerous behavior, Working too much

In an APA paper, Provide ways in which police officers can mitigate the effects of PTSD that occur to them on the job. How can a police officer switch from destructive personal behavior, engage in numerous casual sexual affairs and heavy drinking (common coping mechanisms), and instead develop positive coping mechanisms?

Your assignment should be a 2-3 page, double-spaced, with 1 inch margins paper. Page numbering is required.  A cover page, abstract with key terms, a main body with conclusions and a reference page is required but is not part of the page total

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