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  • In this scenario, you will assume the role of quality assurance manager at Vila Health’s Independence Medical Center. You have been asked to review the current EHR system after some concerns were raised about the system not being fully compliant with new regulations and meaningful use guidelines. After your review, you will present your findings and recommendations to the leadership team.


    Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of 8–12 slides concerning the best practices and emerging models in HIM and EHR. In your presentation:

    • Explain meaningful use guidelines and what they mean to an organization’s current state of compliance.
    • Explain the new MIPS and what this means for the organization’s EHR system.
    • Explain an organization’s current EHR system and its data process to meet regulatory guidelines.
    • Analyze how an EHR system could improve the quality of care, simplify existing processes, and improve patient outcomes.
    • Explain best practices for an organization to maintain meaningful use compliance as it relates to current incentive programs and policies.
    • Recommend evidence-based approaches for implementing new practices for end-user functions, training, and ongoing compliance.
    • Communicate analysis and recommendations of an EHR system in a manner that is clear and concise

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