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Base on the PPT:

For DT7, let’s look at a topic that impacts all of us and touches Chapter 7 (Weiss). Let’s consider generational values. I thought about taking a look at the ethical and stakeholder issues of globalization and balance of trade—these seem to pop up in the media when the pundits aren’t preoccupied otherwise. A fairly recent article talked about a factory worker shortage in China with the expectation that, with a mandate for wages to increase in China (supply and demand and to bolster consumer spending), jobs would be moving to Pakistan, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc., where labor would be cheaper. This move would be done as a means to help the US and EU countries maintain the flow of inexpensive goods. I wonder what Sam Walton would say?!? But, ‘generational values’ offers some fun and is something that I’m stuck on here lately.

No surprise, I’m a Boomer. Boomers cover a wide span of years, yet led the US population growth curve and grew up with the ‘Great Depression Era’ values of our parents; believing that dedication, hard work, and long hours were the trilogy for success. Granted, this belief may have gotten tested as Boomers contemplate retirement during these stressed economic times. Boomers had (and have) power through sheer numbers and the aging of Boomers will continue to present unique challenges. Other generations have different values and wield different clout. Which of the generations (GI, Silent, Boomer, X, Y, or Millennials) are represented by the majority of the workforce in your business or profession; what intra- and inter-generational issues have you or your company (no company names please) had to address; and, in your opinion, have these issues been addressed successfully? For a good summary of generation values, review the Weiss material at 344-345.

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