Constructive Thought Focused Strategies – Short Answer(powerpoint attached)

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NOTE: Read Chapter 5 before posting to this forum.(powerpoint attached)

Your post should be no less than one page (as measured by Microsoft Word, Times New Roman 12 point font.) You must answer all questions. When submitting a word doc you must provide a proper heading including your name, date, course title (LHRD 2723), and assignment.


You will be graded on the following criteria:

  • Proper page heading including your name, date, course title (LHRD 2723), and assignment.
  • Proper use of sentence structure, grammar and punctuation
  • Accuracy of the answer provided
  • Page count requirement

Constructive Thought Focused Strategies

  1. How does each individual have their own unique psychological world? How do the senses impact what an individual focuses on, thinks about, and allows entering their mind? How does the psychological world that the individual creates impact the behaviors of that individual?
  2. Describe how the story of the Little Blue Engine exemplifies what positive self-talk is? What is the main focus of self-talk (changing what about an individual’s thoughts and replacing what)?
  3. What are dysfunctional beliefs and assumptions and why is the removal of these critical for the effective self-leader? How can having positive and rational beliefs shape the actions and effectiveness of an individual?

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