Columbia Southern Emergency Response for Hazardous Materials Case Study

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You have been hired as a consultant by your town’s emergency management coordinator to help develop emergency action
plans. Your first task is to assess the hazardous material risks at a local gas station. The station has one 30,000-gallon
underground storage tank compartmentalized to hold 10,000 gallons each for three gasoline grades and one 10,000-gallon
tank for diesel fuel. The station has four pumps, and each one can deliver all four products. Also on site is a 2,500-squarefoot
concrete block building used for the cashier and retail sales of service station and convenience store items.
The station is located at a busy intersection near the center of town. It is adjacent to several other local businesses that do
brisk business during the day. Across the street from the station is a large housing development with an elementary school.
Behind the station is a city park with playgrounds, baseball fields, and a large wooded area.
To complete the assignment, address the components below.

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