Career and Succession Planning Research Paper—Due Week 4 HRM 594, management homework help

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and Succession Planning Research Paper—Due Week 4

The topic for this research paper generally describes a
staffing-related functional area that is part of the entire staffing
process. It is your job to zero in and create a sub-topic that is of
interest or of value to you. There is a substantial list of potential
sub-topics listed below this page.

This is a research paper assignment that will be of interest to most
students. You are working towards a Master’s degree because you
want to drive your career further and in the direction that you want
it to go over time. As a potentially future HR professional it will
be part of your role to manage the talent development process. Here
is your chance to learn more specifically how a talent development
program and succession planning contribute to the strategic success
of the organization.

The topic for this paper is a general topic and you can take the
direction around career and succession planning that is of the most
interest and value to you as an HR professional. Produce a sub-topic
that is important to you. Take the professional perspective. The
paper should be, in total, five to eight pages in length





Title Page

Include the title of
your course paper, your name, e-mail address, school name,
instructor’s name, date of the submittal, and class (HRM594).



Generally review what
this paper is about and what the reader can expect to find inside
the pages of this research paper. State the topic and why it is
important. Potential topics found at the bottom of this page. The
old advice, “tell them what you plan to tell them”
applies here.



Describe what specific
sources you will use to research this assignment. That will likely
include using the DeVry online library to find primary sources,
review of documents in the workplace, using the Internet to find
respected sources, such as SHRM, professional journals, etc.
Explain what you expect to get from these sources.



What is the specific
focus of the paper? Describe a problem, situation, real-world
case, etc. that causes you to take this direction. See the list of
sample topics below. What is the practical relevance of this
research paper?


Literature Review

Summarize the scholarly
research that you found on the topic. You must use no less than
outside of your textbook. Use primary sources.



What did you learn about
the topic, both qualitative and quantitative? This is where you
present the model you created or the recommendations that you have
for the organization or the proposal that you will present to
upper management. This is where you make your argument.



How do you interpret the
results of your research as it relates to the specific topic that
you addressed in the assignment? How does your research help the
organization to improve in some way? How does the organization
benefit from your results, the model, the recommendations, etc.?
How do you expect things to be better because of your research and



You must use no less
than six resources outside of your textbook. That includes the
four you cited in the Literature Review section of this
assignment. Cite all sources. Use the APA style guide. All
references must be cited in two places: within the body of your
paper and on a separate reference list. Choose references
judiciously and cite them accurately.


A quality paper will
meet or exceed all of the above requirements.


Topics for This Assignment

  1. Prepare
    a methodology to identify top talents: tools and processes.

  2. Create
    a corporate-wide development plan for top talents.

  3. Build
    a career ladder for a particular job family.

  4. Construct
    a practical model that shows the relationship between development
    and training and how that can be used to prepare future leaders.

  5. Prepare
    a practical succession planning process for an organization.

  6. Design
    an Assessment Center to help provide feedback to existing managers.

  7. Propose
    a practical mentoring (not coaching) methodology for a corporate
    executive development program.

  8. Compose
    a useful behavioral competency model for managers at all levels of
    the organization: identify the competency, define the competency,
    level the competencies by manager title, and explain how it could be
    used in a 360 feedback tool.

  9. You
    come up with a sub-topic that is of interest to you or of particular
    value to you or useful to the organization where you work.

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