Canadian Payroll Association Nutrigrow Case Study

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Please see attcahed detailed document

In your report, you must address the following issues and you should also ensure

that you include any other issues you feel would best respond to the Vice-

President’s request.

Benchmarking with Best Practices:

 Current payroll processes and procedures

 Current time reporting system, and potential efficiencies

 Current payroll system and potential changes

 Current disconnect between Payroll and Human Resources information


 Short term potential accomplishments (within twelve months) and long-term

potential accomplishments (greater than twelve months)

Payroll’s Role in the Organization:

 Current role

 Opportunities for expansion

 Recommended plan for expansion – Short term (within twelve months) and

long-term (greater than twelve months)

Applied Payroll Management

Assignment # 1

© The Canadian Payroll Association – Applied Payroll Management – 2020 – Vs. 14.0 3

Final Report

Review ‘The Case Method’ in the Supplemental Resources prior to preparing your

report. The final report should be a minimum of ten (10) pages and include the


 Cover Page (does not count as one (1) page)

 Introduction and background

 Report for the Vice-President

 Conclusion

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